Cashflow 360 is the only payment plug-in you need. Safely accept one-time and recurring credit card payments and ACH transactions. Since we’re integrated with QuickBooks, you’ll accept payment and record it in your books without any extra effort on your part. But that’s not all. Use Cashflow 360 in person, over-the-phone with our virtual terminal, through your eCommerce shopping cart, or your website’s hosted payments page.

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Cashflow 360 Details

Process Payments Through QuickBooks

A plug-in for processing transactions directly within Intuit QuickBooks using Cashflow 360


Accept Credit Cards and ACH

  • You can process payments using credit and debit cards or using e-checks. More payment options mean more merchants (and customers) can use it.

Merchant Account Freedom

  • Use your existing merchant account or Monify can set up a merchant account for you to use with Cashflow 360. Contact us for more information about Monify Payments.

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Scan checks, process RDC transactions, and record the payments in QuickBooks – no duplicate data entry.

Accounts Payable

  • Stay on top of your bills. Safely deposit money directly into a vendor’s checking account via ACH. Store the vendor’s payment data for reuse on future transactions.

Card Swipe

  • Swipe transactions mean you can accept payments on site, not just online. Swipe cards when present also qualifies for lower, qualified discount rates.

Sync Transactions

  • Cashflow 360 Sync pulls in transaction data from other sources, like a website or mobile devices, to help automate the accounting reconciliation process.

Batch Processing

  • Process multiple payments at once rather than one at a time. Simply select which customers you want to process, click the Run Batch button, and let the system do the rest.
Standard Features

Standard features that are anything but basic.


Clean and Custom Dashboard

  • You will be able to choose the dashboard tiles that you want to see to create an at-a-glance view of your business. Some tiles are specific to other features, like Cashflow 360 Customer Portal.

Custom Email Receipts

  • Use one of our templates or create your own. We have all types: successful transactions, failed transactions, recurring billing.
  • You can choose who receives each type of email, including internal staff, cardholders, or third parties.

Enhanced Reporting

  • You can search for transactions using a variety of built-in criteria. Plus, you can add your own filterable custom fields to tag transactions.
  • Search for simple transactions, settlements, or batch uploads. There’s even a User Report which tracks all user activity from the time they log in to the time they log out.
  • Almost every transaction report can be exported out of Cashflow 360 to an Excel Spreadsheet or a text file.

Custom Fields

  • Cashflow 360 gives you 10 custom fields for easy recognition and usage.
  • When Custom Fields are used, they automatically appear as a searchable field in the reporting tools. So you can quickly find any transaction based on your own, internal data.
  • Custom Fields also appear as part of Customer SAFE profiles. Any transaction processed using a SAFE record will automatically be tagged with the Custom Field data for easy tracking.

Recurring Payments

  • You can create recurring plans with setup fees, bill on any schedule, edit plans in use, and manage it all via the portal or via API.

Tip Support

  • Tip-reliant business like restaurants and salons can add extra to the sale amount.

Accept EMV/Chip Cards

  • Now supported with Cashflow 360 Desktop.

Shopping Cart Integration

  • Integration tools for the top shopping carts.
SAFE Customer Data Management

SAFE Customer Data Management

Keep your customer’s on-file payment information SAFE.



  • SAFE is a tokenization system that lets you store cardholder data in Cashflow 360 instead of on your local network. You can charge customers whenever you need to without the security liability.


  • SAFE accounts can save Credit/Debit card or ACH payment data. Use them to create easy one-click purchase systems on your website, or in combination with other products, like Cashflow 360 QuickBooks.

SAFE-Update Link

  • You can email links to your customers to update their SAFE records. After you’ve configured this link, you can email your customers directly from the SAFE list.

API Management

  • In addition to the gateway portal, a SAFE API allows you to add/edit/delete SAFE accounts programmatically. This means you can build tools that allow cardholders to easily manage their own SAFE data.
Virtual Terminal

An easy-to-use online sales form



  • Mobile capability is a must-have. Use Cashflow 360 on any internet capable device, including smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen PCs.


  • We designed a virtual terminal that looks great and user-friendly.

Customizable Layout

  • Choose which fields you want to see and hide the ones that you don’t.
Desktop Terminal + Encryption Swipe

Reap the benefit of lower merchant fees by settling invoices when you see your customer. Turn QuickBooks Desktop into a point-of-sale when used with compatible, integrated PIN pads or card readers.


Human Interaction

  • Through the Cashflow 360 Desktop application, you can accept payment via swiped, chip, or mobile wallets. The primary benefit of Cashflow 360 Desktop is being able to use an encrypted card reader for transactions. Cashflow 360 Desktop also allows you to manually enter transactions. Get the convenience of a terminal combined with the power and security of our virtual terminal. Setup is quick and easy. And you can install the program on as many computers as you need.

Encrypted Swipe

  • Current standards from the PCI Security Standards Council require the use of encrypted card readers in order to become PCI Compliant.
  • Using encrypted swipe technology reduces a merchant’s scope for PCI compliance by limiting their exposure to sensitive payment data. Accept swipe transactions without security risks!
Hosted Payment Page

Versatile and dynamic hosted check out form.


Simple Payments

  • Generate a hosted payment page to quickly and easily sell your product, or collect partial payment, donations, and much more. Cashflow 360 Hosted Payment Page is truly versatile.

SAFE Management

  • Cardholders have the option, at the bottom of each Hosted Payment Page, to tokenize their own card data in the SAFE for future use with your Hosted Payment Page.

QR Mobile Support

  • A QR Code is one of many output choices for HPP. QR codes can be posted to websites, printed on flyers, business cards, or distributed in any number of ways. Post the code just about anywhere and cardholders can scan it to securely pay using their own smartphone or tablet!

Usage Count

  • Set a limit for the number of purchases a customer can make, whether the limit is based on inventory or promotion.


  • Cashflow 360’s Hosted Payment Page is the perfect tool for collecting donations. Each cardholder can enter their own dollar amount.

API Management

  • Control the page programmatically using our API. Since communication happens via encrypted hash, you’ll never expose any sensitive data.
Accept Mobile Payments

The ultimate solution for merchants on the go.


iOS and Android Compatible

  • Cashflow 360 Mobile is available for all devices using iOS or Android mobile operating

Multiple Devices Supported

  • Currently, we support mobile swipe devices from Magtek and ID Tech.
Remote Deposit Capture

Save time, money, and get paid faster


QuickBooks now has RDC!,! Use a supported check reader and for even more benefits.

  • No more manually entering received checks into QuickBooks.
  • No more filling out deposit slips.
  • No more endorsing your checks
  • No more driving to the bank.
  • No more waiting in lines!
Recurring Payments

Securely set up and process recurring payments

  • Use Cashflow 360 to automatically charge your customers a fixed amount of money on a fixed schedule.
  • You can create recurring plans with setup fees, bill on any schedule, edit plans in use, and manage it all via the portal or API.
  • And you can create an unlimited number of plans with an unlimited number of customers using them.

Monify is a full service payment solutions provider.

We facilitate electronic payment processing for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, EBT, debit cards, ACH, e-checks, and gift & loyalty cards. We also specialize in industry-specific payment methods like Fuelman, GASCARD, Voyager, Wright Express and TCH.

Next Day Funding

Processed funds are available within 24 hours. While other companies may hold onto your funds for up to three days, Monify Merchant Solutions offers the swiftest funding possible.

*Processed funds for petroleum customers are available within 48 hours.

Online Reporting

Our online account portal, provides dynamic reporting and rich analytics to help you quickly and easily navigate through your account activity, giving you access to every transaction, refund, retrieval, chargeback and deposit.

Local Support and Service

Knowledgeable U.S.-based customer support experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure that service interruptions are quickly identified and resolved. One-on-one training is also available to ensure that your staff has the information they need to be successful.

Industry Expertise

With our background in the wholesale and convenience retailing industries, Monify can quickly determine the right processing solution for your business. Whatever your retail needs, we’ll match you with the equipment needed to exceed the rigors of your operation.